Staying Entertained During a Pandemic 


By: Chiamaka Orogbu, Sullivan Student

The world basically shut down and staying inside is definitely taking a toll on many people. Some people have been using different ways to cope with it. For example, meditating, playing video games, finding a new hobby, or just simply sleeping. Although it’s as though most of us have been using music and whatever is on Netflix. For this generation having entertainment is key, so when we are bored we find different ways to keep us occupied. Those can be anything, anywhere, whether it’s outside or inside. Although with this pandemic it’s hard to get entertainment from outside, so we’re stuck inside. 

Some students in Rogers Park have found entertainment in music. Some favorites include: Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care about Us,” Bad Bunny and Rosalía’s “La Noche De Anoche,” Travis Scott’s “Coffee Bean,” Lil Tjay’s “Leave Me Alone,” Summer Walker’s “Riot,” and “Snowman” by Sia.

Some others said that watching a show or movie has been nice. If you’re running out of things to watch some actually recommend watching “The Greatest Showman,” “Ginny and Georgia,” “Behind Her Eyes,” “All American,” “The Flash,” “Vampire Diaries,” “The Originals,” “Lucifer,” and “Jane the Virgin.” 

While using electronics is always nice, sometimes it can get repetitive and annoying. That is part of the reason some have found entertainment in books. Some recommendations include: “A Stolen Life” by Jaycee Lee Dugard, “True Beauty,” “To Love Your Enemy,” and “Age Matters.” 

It is obvious that entertainment has been a key part in our lives due to COVID. Dave Sarfo, a freshman from Sullivan High School, even said, “Music really helped me through this pandemic a lot.”

Other students like freshman Erin Adams said, “Before the pandemic, I’ve done all of these activities before, so they remind me of pre-quarantine. I also consider them hobbies because it’s what keeps me occupied when school is over.”

Another freshman Tunmise Alonge said, “It helps to distract me from worrying about the thing going on out there and who doesn’t love a little binge watch here and there.” 

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