Learning When COVID is My Classmate 


By: KeJuan Redd, Sullivan Senior

As of April 19th, CPS recently began implementing a hybrid learning model for high schoolers. Two students from different parts of the city share their perspectives on the chance to learn in person.

Moyo Awoye, a Junior at Sullivan High School in Rogers Park, recently started going back to school for “hybrid learning.” Here are his feelings surrounding learning when COVID is still an issue. 

Did you opt in for hybrid learning?

“Yes I did, my mom signed me and my brother up, so I went back on Monday April 19.”

Is hybrid learning a struggle for you?

“No it’s not, if anything I kinda like it better because I was able to see my friends that I haven’t seen in a year and meet my teachers.”

Is hybrid better than remote learning?

“It keeps most of the distractions away too such as watching TV or playing my game. I’ve gotten more work done on the two days I went in hybrid learning than in a week of remote learning.

Harmony Kelly, a freshman at New Englewood High School in Englewood, spoke on how she feels about going to school during the pandemic. 

Harmony isn’t comfortable with doing in person learning because of her living arrangement. “I live with several elderly people, and it’s way too risky for me to go to school and be exposed to COVID and risk bringing it back into my household,” she said.

Here are some more of her feelings surrounding learning when COVID is still an issue in Chicago. 

Is it unsafe for you to return to school? 

”Yes, I live with my grandmother and other elderly relatives, I can’t risk their life so I will stick to remote learning.” 

If you had a choice to return to school would you? 

“No, I am anti-social and have grown to remote learning and being able to not communicate with people as much.”

Whether you are from the south-side or the north-side of Chicago, COVID can be a difficult classmate to learn with.

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