Learning to Drive During a Pandemic


By: Lesly Fernandez, Senn Junior

The pandemic brought many things came to a halt, including big achievements in people’s lives. For some high schoolers this was obtaining a learner’s permit and driver’s license. 

For current juniors it has been a journey to receive their driver’s permit since many weren’t able to take the permit test during their sophomore year. This led to scheduling later dates than usual and made the process difficult. Even through it all Drivers Ed teachers did their best to inform students and keep them up to date with the process.

Steven Brewer, Athletic director and both a P.E. and Drivers Ed teacher at Senn, gave an insight as to what it was like to teach Drivers Ed during the pandemic.

Brewer said, “It was definitely hectic and challenging in the beginning. When we got word that we could resume Drivers Ed, we were happy to be able to teach, but at the same time we were wondering how it was going to go.” 

He also mentioned that the scheduling for traffic in some ways was improved since everything had to become digital. Bigger gaps in between each traffic session made it difficult for students who weren’t able to practice driving outside of these moments. There was also improvement in the sense that students would be able to get more time on the road than in previous years. 

Since students weren’t able to receive as much help as they usually would, they put in more effort into making sure they would still be able to receive their permit. 

Yaquelin Hernandez, a Junior at Senn, shared what it was like taking Drivers Ed during the pandemic.

Hernandez said, “For me online is better because I can plan what I have to do and keep a schedule. That for me was better, but it also wasn’t because for driving, I’m always one that likes a little more explaining.”

She also mentioned the actual permit exam wasn’t very difficult since she had gone over the material in the beginning of her sophomore year and studied for the exam.

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