Senn and Sullivan High Schools Hold SAT for Juniors


By: RogersEdge Reporter

Chicago Public High Schools held an in person SAT test for juniors on Tuesday, which for many students was their first time in the school building in over a year. 

The test date hit at a challenging time, as CPS and the Teachers’ Union are struggling to arrive at a consensus on next week’s proposed reopening of high schools. 

Despite challenging wait times reported at other area high schools, Senn and Sullivan reported the process to be mostly smooth, with limited wait times for students conducting a health screener and getting their temperature taken. 

Senn High School staggered the start time of the exam, having some students begin at 8:30 and others starting at 9:00. Rooms were limited to 15 students and two adult proctors switched supervising duties at the hour. Sullivan High School had some rooms with as few as six students. 

Students at both schools have been learning remotely the entire school year, so taking a three-plus hour test in person was jarring. 

Sullivan junior Favour Mamudu said, “Being back at school was a little uncomfortable because things weren’t the same. I couldn’t recognize my teachers and I wasn’t used to sitting in one place for so long.”

Others had been back to take the PSAT, so the experience was not as strange. 

Senn junior Lesly Fernandez said, “I had gotten the chance to go back into the building prior to the SAT so going back didn’t feel weird and the process was fairly smooth and similar to the first time.” 

Other students found the schools to be prepared but the test itself to be challenging. 

Senn junior Arfat Muhammad said, “There were some challenges with understanding the questions, but the experience wasn’t anything weird. The precautions were great.

Overall, the students and staff felt that taking this exam in person was one step on the return to normal. 

Sullivan junior Olamide Olaleye said, “At first I panicked because I could not get my health screener done. I was clueless on how to do it because I have not been in school for a year. After getting it done, entering school was like going into a paradise. I was happy going back to school, but I was nervous about the SAT. After I was done with the exams, I felt relieved. The precaution the school took because of the virus was alright because we all wore a mask and they checked our temperature. Overall, it was a good day.”

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