Loyola Students Navigate Potential Plans for Fall 2021 Semester


By: Stefano Garcia, Loyola Sophomore

Many Loyola students wondered what the university will do in the upcoming fall semester as other colleges around the nation announce their plans to return to in-person learning. 

That question was answered on Tuesday, March 9th when Loyola University announced their plan to allow students to return to campus in an email. 

The residence halls this semester only allotted so many people at once to be within the building. Many students opted to stay home and do school online this whole school year and other students got apartments close to Loyola. Many students at Loyola are craving to return to campus after being away for so long. 

As a whole, all students missed out on a year of creating memories with their fellow peers that will last them a lifetime. Such as getting a late snack or meal by going to the closest Taco Bell or Canes. Or exploring the city and being able to see the breathtaking views Chicago has to offer.

However, the biggest questions remain unanswered. What are the protocols that would be put in place? How many students would be allowed in a classroom at a time?

Current Loyola student Madelyn Berzon said the fall semester should be a mix of “hybrid online and in-person.”

Having the option of online and in-person provides flexibility for students depending on how they feel about the entire situation. That being said, what should that type of flexibility look like for professors? 

Aileen Busher, a Loyola Sophomore said “If professors feel comfortable teaching in-person, let them. If the professors don’t want to be in person that class will fully be online.” Busher also was hopeful that Loyola could have a plan to give faculty and students a vaccine if they have not gotten it already.

If Loyola did have a plan to give the vaccine to people that can become a game-changer for some. Other students think Loyola should go back in certain conditions. 

Erin Anderson, another Loyola Sophomore says Loyola should find a simple solution for it; she said, “Put everyone in quarantine for two weeks then go back to classes with people still wearing masks.”

Anderson’s solution is the current way that Loyola is operating on campus such as the quarantine period. As students who moved in this semester must follow that and have to wear a mask on campus.  

As there is a mix of ideas from current Loyola students, both students and faculty await to see the protocols that will be put in place for next semester. Many hope that the transition will be smooth and everyone can get back a piece of reality back.

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