Eliminating Your Bad Habits: A High School Student Guide to Getting on Track


By: Erin Adams (Sullivan Freshman) and Safa Yahya (Senn Freshman)

If you’re going to attempt to eliminate your unhealthy patterns, you have to practice staying consistent to adjust to a new lifestyle without falling back off track. To stay consistent, you need to be aware of what you plan to be consistent with. List the daily expectations you have with yourself and distance yourself from what may be preventing you. 

It’s understandable how many distractions may be in front of you, and these unnecessary distractions can easily prevent you from adjusting yourself into a better routine to manage tasks. That doesn’t mean you won’t have time for the things that make you happy or that you won’t have any time with friends. 

High school junior, Gage Moretti, also relates to procrastination issues. “Video games. I like to play video games and it’s like a getaway to my problems,” He said. “So whenever something is stressing me out, I turn to video games and I forget about the things I have to do.” 

It’s all based on your priorities and the amount of time you need to complete your goals. Once you have that organized, you’re set for the next step. Besides devices and endless hours of unnecessary activities, one of the biggest prevention can be the way you think.

If you’re relentlessly reminding yourself of what you haven’t done and what you believe you aren’t capable of, reaching your goal will seem impossible. Instead of dragging yourself down and focusing on what you haven’t done, focus on the things you’ve accomplished like getting out of bed, making the most of bad situations, attending school, etc. When you start recognizing your achievements, it will become easier for you to allow motivations in your life and accomplish more than you already have.

5 Ways to stay more motivated:

1. Set goals, when achieved reward yourself

This is the best way to be motivated because when you set goals for yourself and then you know what you’re getting something out of it, making you more likely to accomplish what you put your mind to. 

2. Stay with the right people

When you put yourself in the right environment with the right people, you will feel so much more positive, and they will give you advice and help you out instead of putting you down.

  1. Find an inspiration 

Finding inspiration could be from books, magazines, articles, and people that struggled and now have a successful life. All those can give you more motivation and make you more motivated towards your goals. When you see other people being successful, you want to be like them and it will basically give you a reason to work hard.

  1. Go step by step

Go slowly and challenge yourself little by little. Make each step really really small and you will succeed. 

  1. Don’t give up

If you don’t feel motivated right now, it’s okay, but don’t give up on your goals. There’s always tomorrow. You will make it one day, but if you give up, you lose your chance of getting there. Winners aren’t quitters and quitters aren’t winners.  

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