Here Comes The Sun: Loyola Students Look Forward To Warmer Weather


By Audrey Patterson, Loyola Sophomore

Warmer weather has arrived in Chicago and with it comes more opportunities for Loyola students to get out and enjoy the beautiful city. 

With recent temperature running up into the 70s following months of freezing temperatures, city goers are eager to get out into the nicer weather. Temperatures during February and January dropped into the low teens with lots of snow. Finally Chicago is seeing the sun again, and despite masks and social distancing playing a part in outdoor activities, Loyola students are eager to get out and explore the city. 

Morgan Burke, a Loyola University Sophomore living in Rogers Park, is excited to get out and enjoy the beauty of the Loyola campus, namely Lake Michigan. “Hopefully (I’ll) get out and walk more and spend time by the lake. Maybe have a few picnics when the grass dries out. Obviously continuing to wear a mask (or two) despite being out in the open air.”

Lake Michigan is a major attraction for many in Chicago with spots like Navy Pier typically drawing in large crowds. For others enjoying the many beaches lining Lake Michigan is a perfect way to beat the heat. 

Regardless of where you go, warm weather activities now look a little different. Yet for most COVID-19 precautions do not seem to put any damper on getting out and enjoying the nice weather. 

Berlinda Tyeseon a Loyola University Junior also living in Rogers Park area is eager to get out and exercise. “I am a jogger/walker. I love to be outside when the weather is nice and it’s a great way to clear my mind. In regards to the pandemic, I just make sure I have my mask on and follow the city’s guidelines.” 

Chicago offers those who love to get out and hit the pavement countless beautiful places to walk or jog. The Chicago Lakefront Trail is a popular destination. Situated between Lake Shore Drive and Lake Michigan, this gorgeous 18 mile trail is perfect for those who want to work up a sweat and enjoy the beauty of the city. 

The warm weather also offers more opportunities for outside gatherings which are less likely to spread the Coronavirus than indoor gatherings. Loyola students want to take advantage of this.

Aubrey Robbins, a Loyola University sophomore living in Rogers Park area, is excited to get out with friends and family. “I hope to go to more parks and have a picnic with my friends at some point when it gets warmer outside. I will always wear a mask and socially distance- I usually am only around two other people.”

By limiting contact with others and social distancing Loyola students reduce the spread of COVID-19 while still enjoying the outdoors. For many the coming of the warm weather is a huge relief and people are eager to get out and experience the city. How will you be spending time outside? 

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