The Return to McPherson Elementary School


By: Lesly Fernandez, Senn Junior

Chicago Public School elementary students had the opportunity to return to in person learning in March, but the majority of students chose to remain virtual.

Many students did not want to go back to school and saw online learning as an opportunity to stay safe. 

Those returning have undergone signficant changes.  

So, how is it going for the students? I have a younger brother who shared his insight on what it’s like being back in school. 

Derick Lopez who is currently in 5th grade at James B McPherson Elementary School has been in school for a few weeks now and said, “School is fun if you don’t remind yourself that you have the mask on.” 

 He also said, “It’s a lot calmer since there are less kids, but it’s weird since you have to stay six feet apart.”

He also mentioned that prior to this school year he hadn’t been friends with his classmates that are currently in his classroom. This can be seen as a good thing depending on where you are coming from. In one sense this experience has been a way for students that hadn’t talked to each other have a form of communication, while for others school will be seen as more boring than before since most of their friends are likely to not attend in person learning. 

The whole topic of going back to school has been a controversial one. My parents were both on opposite ends of the spectrum. While my father would rather keep his children at home, he also saw the reasoning behind returning. My mother Anayelli Lopez was on the other end, supporting the return.

She said, “He lowered his grades which made it clear that teachers played a big role in his education and would help him succeed.” 


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