CPS High School Reopening: Is this the moment we’ve been waiting for?


Byline: All of us!

Chicago Public Schools has set April 19 as the date to send high school students back into the classroom, however, conflicting opinions amongst the majority of the students still remain and leave many with questions.

The fact is most high school principals have not declared a plan for procedures such as lunch, passing periods, and other uncertainties. With these plans unsettled, students have been tasked to make impactful choices; will they continue with the at-home learning they’ve become accustomed to or return back to participate in hybrid learning? 

Of the 53 students polled, 28% have decided to return to in-person learning.

Anma Sivac, Sophomore at Senn High School, plans to return to school and says, “With hybrid learning, I feel like I can find the security I’m currently lacking, while also staying attached to the lifestyle I’ve gotten so used to.”

But this is not a popular opinion. 45% of students say they will remain in remote learning and 47% say they feel it is still unsafe to return to school buildings. 

Some students are questioning the protocols the schools may have to enforce. Alexis Fillinger Sophomore says, “COVID is not completely over and I doubt high schoolers will listen to the rules 100% of the time.”

The uncertainties still remain. Even though the deadline to submit the decision ended midnight March 23rd, 26% of students are still undecided. 

Students are also feeling like hybrid learning will turn their whole world upside down. Emilia Garcia, Sophomore, comments, “Hybrid learning might seem like a better idea but I genuinely still think there is absolute no point on returning back for 2 months, I just don’t understand the rush. I think us as students got used to e learning now just for us to go back again and in both ways, in person and e- learning…that will change our whole mindsets and routines.”

After a year being remote with people anxious to get back, only months of school remaining, and uncertainties at an all time high, is this really the moment we’ve been waiting for?


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