Exercising during a pandemic


By William Baranda, Loyola Freshman

Loyola students are weary yet determined to continue an athletic and active lifestyle during an isolated winter due to the pandemic.

Students have felt restricted by the walls of their own homes, but Loyola has tried to help by providing opportunities and space to exercise and practice. 

At Loyola University, they have recently offered a variety of group fitness classes for their students at the Halas Sports Center.

While still allowing students to partake in activities such as weightlifting, yoga, rock climbing, and basketball, Loyola ensures that their students remain safe and continue COVID-friendly procedures. Students who want to go on campus must have a saliva COVID test that was administered by Loyola prior to their visit.

Damian Gonzalez, a Loyola freshman said, “I’d be okay with [indoor activities] as long as there aren’t too many people and we’re well spread out.”

Other students feel more comfortable with modifying their exercise routines.

Aaron Ramirez, a Loyola freshman said, “Indoor sports and exercise is just as good as outdoor sports and exercise because the main goal is to be active. You can be active no matter where you are.”

Many students however, want to consider the precautions being put into place before deciding if they would partake in indoor exercise.

Angela Cabilao, a Loyola senior said, “If it is a crowded area with people not wearing masks, then I’m not interested in being in that environment. If it is a place where the establishment shows that they are following CDC guidelines and people are being responsible, I would consider it.”

Other students also felt the same way as Cabilao, and after visiting Loyola’s facilities, they felt better about partaking in indoor exercise.

Mike Quiroz, a Loyola freshman said, “At first, I was uncomfortable about the idea of indoor sports and going to the gym… However, after realizing that these facilities were taking the proper precautions to increase the safety of the gym-goers, I started to participate in these activities.”

Some students however, still do not feel comfortable despite the precautions put into place.

Nafia Naila, a Loyola freshman said, “I would not like to risk it, unless I have my own gym/space to train.”

For the most part, views on indoor exercise have varying perspectives, but it is clear that by partaking in these activities, there is always some type of risk.

Fabiha Azim, a senior at Loyola said, “Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, masked or unmasked, close contact sports during the pandemic is a worrying idea.”

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