Senn Parodies Masked Singer with “Masked Sennger”


Senn High School’s senior journalism team is taking part in a parody spinoff of the FOX The Masked Singer called The Masked Sennger. 

Lead Journalism teacher Michael Cullinane, 44, thought the idea would help boost morale for the school during what he calls, “The dog days of the pandemic.” 

12 Senn staff members have decided to hide their identity and show off their vocals in order to win the The Masked Sennger title and trophy. Contestants include The Gingerbread Per-Senn, Elephant in the Room, Darth Serenader, and the Phantom. 

Cullinane is the one who came up with the idea to parody the show. He said, “I had the idea to create a parody of the show, so I ran it by my students, and they loved it. They had a lot of great ideas on how we could make it happen.”

The host, Samatha Olivia, a senior at Senn High School and a student in Cullinane’s class wanted to be a part of this experience because she “wanted to participate to challenge both my creative side and idea creating side to bring a parody alive.”

Along with the Host there are 3 panelists (also a part of the class) including myself and in future episodes we’re hoping to have special guest panelists as well.

The first Masked Sennger premiered Friday March 12, 2021 at 8pm and continues till the 30th of April which would be the finale. You can tune in on the Senn TV YouTube page.

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