How To Have a Positive Outlook During COVID

by Duaa Raheel (Senn Senior)
As January comes to an end, a tremendous step is taken forward as more and more Americans become vaccinated. What does this mean for us teens? Well, perhaps our summer might not be a bummer! Alas, this winter is going to be a drag as I’m sure many of you are eagerly awaiting for COVID to go away.

It may seem as though we cannot have a positive attitude. But  during a crisis like this, it is critical to our mental health and well being. Having a positive outlook in our life should be a priority for us all.

Some things we should do: Be digitally active and connected. During this time we know how important it is to be socially distant but thanks to technology we can stay in touch digitally. Being away from people can greatly decrease your optimism but when meeting in person isn’t an option you can opt for being connected through social media platforms. When you’re connected with your friends, it helps lighten up your mood and encourages your friends to feel the same way since they are also digitally with you.
Another way to stay positive is to have faith. Faith, not in a religious sense, but a mutual faith that you’ll make it through this hard time and you will survive. In a sense faith is having hope in the future. You can help others by talking about future plans with them. If you believe in the future, then your future will keep you strong in the present.
Another way to have a positive aspect is to be aware. Be thankful for where and how you are; be grateful that you aren’t in a worse situation. Looking for a silver lining is one of the many ways to stay positive.
Another way to have an optimistic aspect is to take advantage of excess time caused by the pandemic. For example, with all this time we can start on a new activity and develop new skills. Not only does this distract you from the current events but it also enhances your skills by learning something new. You can have other things to discuss with other people rather than current events.
Lastly, you can do small acts of kindness. An example of this would be to help out essential workers such as mail delivery men by setting up small chips and drink baskets by your mailbox, so whenever mailmen come to deliver packaging they can take a snack or two. This can help because seeing others happy can make you happier as well.
Stay positive and we’ll get through this together!

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