Let’s Give It a Thai


By Kamdyn Rhodes (Loyola Sophomore) 

Rice Thai Café & Sushi

6744 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60626

(773) 338-1717

4.5 out of 5 stars

In the days of COVID, eating at a restaurant is practically impossible. Ordering take out seems to be the safest bet; however, delivery prices will turn a $10 meal into a $30 meal.

Lucky for me, there is plenty of options in Rogers Park that are within walking distance. My current favorite is a tiny hole in the wall Thai food restaurant called Rice Thai Café & Sushi.

The tiny Thai restaurant is right in-between Starbucks and the New 400 Theater. Right now, they only offer take-out, but I would recommend always doing take-out. While the establishment is cute in an old type of way, it’s claustrophobic inside. There are very few seating options, but there is outdoor seating available when the weather is nice.

Walking inside, one would see lime green painted walls with beautiful drawings of some of their staple dishes like pad thai and curry. The restaurant definitely isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as Gen Z or Millennials would prefer, but it feels comfortable and homey. The woman at the register always greets me with a smile and is eager to help. There are menus at the front counter, and the staff is helpful in making decisions that will satisfy everyone’s needs. After ordering, I am asked to wait outside and told my order will be brought out when done.

I ordered chicken pad thai, panang curry, and a side of crab rangoon. They have many options, from soups and salads to noodle dishes and curry. I also highly recommend their Thai tea. The food is reasonably priced, considering the portions given. I paid $25 for food that could easily feed 3-4 people or last me two days. It only took 15-20 minutes until my order was ready.

The food is scorching, fresh, and delicious. The pad thai is sweet, and the curry is spicy. While the crab rangoons may be made out of imitation crab, they are one of my favorites that comes with a sweet dipping sauce. Everything is exactly how I ordered it with no nuts in the pad thai, and they have a no utensils options for an eco-friendly service.

Every experience I have at Rice Thai Café is a pleasant one. Their hours are a little wonky, so I would make sure they are open before walking there. Other than that, everything is perfect. They are fast, local, and tasty. I highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a quick bit to eat when cooking isn’t an option.

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