Foxtrot Market: a Shop for Everyone


By: Abby Utley (Loyola Sophomore)

When it comes to food and drink, we are usually faced with the choice between local settings, where originality flourishes, and big-name establishments, often the more accessible option. Through this Dallas and Chicago based market, we can enjoy the niche charm of a local space without having to sacrifice convenience.

There have been many long days where I end up in a random part of Chicago, with a sore set of strap-etched shoulders and aching famine. Most of these times I have been able to count on walking or riding the bus to one of Chicago’s eight Foxtrot Market locations.

Foxtrot offers quality products in a very concise space, so each trip is guaranteed to be an efficient shopping experience. The first stop upon entering is their coffee and food prep station, where they make beverages and meals in-house that are just as good as any Starbucks order. This also applies to the fresh bakery selection under the glass counter. Each time I order a Foxtrot coffee, I’ve looked down at those carb-filled majesties, and I enter a state of paralyzed wonder. During this period, I usually black out, say something to the cashier, and end up leaving with coffee and a croissant. Simply put, these gorgeous baked goods are very difficult to resist. Walking through the grocery half of the space is also pleasant, as the products are unique and intentionally curated. To encapsulate the diversity of its goods, I would say that Foxtrot is a perfect stop for everyone, from the minimalist nomad-type to the most elitist consumer.   

It can truly satisfy any need at any hour, between around 9 AM to 10 PM to be exact. I’ve stopped in on numerous occasions, sometimes with a certain product in mind, and sometimes to peruse around for an inspirational purchase, which normally results in me wanting to try something I’ve never had before. In the market, you will find cereals, frozen and pre-prepped meals, produce, snacks, alcohol, health products, etc. But a good example of their wide variety is the fact that they sell cigarettes and CBD, which are on two different ends of the spectrum of health. I appreciate that Foxtrot truly offers something for everyone, as well as something for any kind of mood. Whatever you might need after a long day (I’ll let you fill in the blank) is at your fingertips.

With its multitude of quality products and its long hours, this one-stop-shop is intrinsically reliable. However, its delivery service is the cherry on top of the whipped cream on top of an already delicious milkshake. I’ve gotten products delivered in under an hour, which has really helped during times when it is too late or too cold to walk to the nearest location.

It is 2020, and we as city dwellers are all witnesses to the birth of businesses and shops that are very adamant about super-human health, like Just Salad and Sweetgreen. And we have all seen how boutique shops like Goddess and the Grocer or Lyfe Kitchen can make an average sandwich and still make your wallet cry. With Foxtrot, you can get the products you actually want and can rely on, so that you can leave with a satisfying purchase.

Nearest Location to Rogers Park/Edgewater: 3334 N Southport Ave

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