Coffee Shop Brews Up Success During Pandemic


By Fey Faldoun (Senn Sophomore) 

Kyoto Black cold brew is being served up at locations throughout Chicago, but now, its flagship store has opened up right in the neighborhood at 1445 W. Devon Avenue.

Owner Justin Doggett spoke with RogersEdge Reporter about what makes his coffee special as well as how he’s been able to not only survive, but also find success through COVID.

Kyoto black started as an online wholesale business. Doggett said, “I wanted my product to reach everyone in all states, and I also want to be available 24/7.”

As he is distributing coffee to various shops rather than selling out of his own, his model has been successful.

”It has been my best year so far,” Doggett said.

When asked if he felt that the pandemic could have been handled better, he said, “There is nothing to compare it with. We don’t know how it would have gone, there’s no other scenario like it.”

Doggett believes the governor and mayor did what they felt was best to do at the time and going forward can do better by offering businesses more help.

Doggett’s flagship location on Devon Avenue mostly serves as his distribution headquarters. But, (once pandemic regulations are softened) customers are welcome to come inside during specific hours to try a cup of the special cold brewed Kyoto Black coffee. 

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