Alice & Friends’ Vegan Kitchen: Serving Food that makes you feel at Home


By: Ananya Chandhok

Alice and Friends Vegan Kitchen: 5812 N. Broadway

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5

Have your quarantine meals been an endless cycle of instant noodles and pantry snacks, only leading you to crave a home cooked more than ever? Well, look no further because Alice & Friend’s Vegan Kitchen is your one stop shop to satiate all your Asian-inspired cravings and your lingering homesickness this holiday season.

This eatery is sure to leave your mouth watering, just by the mention of the diverse range of delicacies they have to offer. Starting off with a savory kick, their appetizers range from crispy spring roll delights to freshly pan seared dumplings, all filled to the brim with a colorful array of crisp veggies. Of course, if you’re seeking out a more umami-flavor, you’ll be more than pleased by entrees such as their walnut shrimp or Alice’s Teriyaki chicken—all vegan of course! If at this point in our food excursion, you’re in need of a flavor detour, look out for Alice’s homestyle preparations of a classic Bahn mi, a Vietnamese styles baguette sandwich, and their noble burger, a vegan spin on an American classic.

Now, to wrap up our delectable food tour, all from the comfort of your COVID-free sanctuary, let’s grab something sweet to cap it all off. From green tea and berry infused cheesecakes to a variety of velvety ice cream flavors, there’s something for everyone’s sweet tooth. Whether you’re looking for citrus centric dessert or even a ravishingly refreshing latte, you’ll find your match here no matter what you’re craving.

Now that your flavor palette is more than elated at experiencing a symphony of sweet and savory, you’ll surely be more than ecstatic knowing that the eatery falls well within a college student’s budget for well-deserved treat. While the desserts tend to lean a bit on the pricier end from, $4.95 all the way up to $9.75, their savory selections are worth the extra coin, especially if it’s a night in (like every night this year) with your roommates.

In its entirety, Alice and Friends’ Kitchen does a brilliant job of being a diet-inclusive restaurant, offering all vegan options as well as gluten and nut free selections too. Additionally, the eatery has stayed more than true to Asian-Cuisine by sacrificing none of the flavors commonly associated with it, such as its signature spice balanced with a sprinkling of sweetness.

If you’d classify yourself as a “homebody,” which is all of us now, you can rest assured that while away from home this holiday season, you can enjoy all of the comfort that comes with a home-cooked meal, all while keeping your loved ones safe.

Alice and Friends: (773) 275-8797

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