Six Things to Be Thankful For, Even This Year


(Editor’s note: We know Thanksgiving is over. But we’re thankful that Senn High School student Duaa Raheel worked hard on this lovely list, so we’re presenting it in the spirit of “better late than never.”)

Thanksgiving isn’t what it used to be, with gatherings and socializing all but cancelled this year. You sit and wonder: Is there really anything left to be thankful for? Well, here are six things we can be thankful for this year!

  1. Thankful for being well during a pandemic.

-As simple as it sounds, your health and well being this year isn’t guaranteed. If you are still healthy and COVID-free, well, that’s something you should be grateful for. Over 250,000 Americans have died and about 13 million have been infected by the coronavirus. It’s a tough time, but take a moment to appreciate that you’re still here. You’ll get through this, you’ll look back and be able to say that you survived a pandemic and an atrocious year!

  1. Thankful for doctors nurses and healthcare workers.

This year more than ever you should be grateful for all the doctors and nurses who are risking their lives to help the people of America survive and fight the the virus. Every day they help people who have been infected, while putting their lives at risk. They truly are heroes!

  1. Thankful for making it this far in 2020.

-As bad as 2020 was, we should be thankful there is only about a month left to go till 2020 is over! As bad as this year was, you’ll have plenty of stories to tell future generations. That’s something to keep your chin up about. Oh, and if you want, someday you can totally exaggerate your tales about 2020.

  1. Thankful for excess time on our hands.

With COVID taking place, many outside stores, malls and places in general have been closed down, and we are encouraged to stay home and stay quarantined to stay safe. As someone who misses going outside, I’ve learned to appreciate the extra time we’ve got on our hands due to COVID. In the amount of extra time given, I’ve developed lots of new hobbies and new skills, like painting, playing instruments, and more. I’m sure many of you have also found a new hobby, and if not i’m sure you got some well deserved break from the fast pace life.

  1. Thankful for our essential workers.

This may have come as a surprise but be grateful for our essential workers, for without them COVID would be terribly hard and inconvenient. Essential workers include, delivery people, cashiers, waiters, chefs, security workers, food production workers, farmers, drivers, and more. Without these people to operate daily necessities we may be struggling even more than we thought we are. Just like nurses and doctors, essential workers are just as important for our society to function as a whole during this pandemic.

  1.  Thankful for zoom meets/ google meets.

Last but not least, of Course we had to include this in the mix. The app Zoom makes our lives so much easier, in the sense that in a place where social gatherings are dangerous, Zoom makes up for that. We haven’t been able to interact with humans that much for the fear and risk of getting COVID. Zoom and other apps helped us close this barrier during this pandemic. I believe it’s something we should be grateful for. If not for these apps, receiving help from school and counselors – especially for high school seniors on college admissions – would be impossible.

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