Rewired Cafe, Bigger and Better, Aims to Serve the Community


Expanding and changing locations is difficult enough for restaurants, but COVID has made the process much more challenging. Yet Owner and operator of Rewired Café Daniel Barat did just that.

“Opening during a pandemic is not easy so there has definitely been a lot of game changes, last minute changes we have to do almost every single day,” Barat said.

While it has been difficult, Rewired Café, located at 1100 W Thorndale Ave., has been receiving good feedback from the community.

Barat has been an operator for almost ten years while the company has been open for three years. It started in Lakeview, then opened a location in Edgewater. Now they have relocated again.

Rewired Café is a Pizza Bar and Café. The expansion and relocation gave Barat a chance to do something he had always wanted to do, Barat said. The menu consists of pizza, sandwiches, salads, wine and coffee. Some items on their menu include Al Pastor Pizza, the BELT sandwich, a lavender vanilla latte, and an horchata latte.

Barat said the menu is designed to let him see in which direction the community would like the restaurant to go, what the community would like to see.

“The concept of this restaurant and this company is to be a community-oriented business so it’s really about listening to what people’s feedback is,” he said. “What they want to see here and what we can do to provide that for them.”


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