These Students Split on At-Home Versus In-School Learning

Safa Yahya

By Safa Yahya 

Everyone has been debating about whether schools should open or not. And like every other debate there are two sides and two perspectives in this.

I decided to take a survey on my instagram account, and got 100 responses. Just over half – 54% – said they wanted to go back to school in person. That left 46% saying that’s rather keep going from home.

Comments ranged from the stay-at-home side ranged from wanting to “stay in bed all day” and “eat whatever whenever they want to.”

The back-to-live-school students complained that “chromebooks crash a lot” and that they are “not learning anything on zoom.” One said “my eyes get watery” from staring at a screen all day.

Chicago Public Schools says they will make a decision November 5, though chances of getting back in the building seem very low.

Safa Yahya

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