Hadden Urges Rogers Parkers to “Stay the Course”


49th Ward Alderwoman Maria Hadden told constituents she sees signs that the social distancing efforts are “flattening the curve” of COVID-19 infections. But she urged residents not to push so hard for relaxing restrictions that the virus can regain strength.

“Recent updates from the Governor and the Mayor indicate that we may be flattening the curve through our efforts and that’s great news,” Hadden said in an email newsletter.  “However, we’ve seen that in other states, some people have taken these early indications as grounds for demanding that stay at home orders and social distancing be rescinded. I’m proud that we have leaders who will rely on data and science when making decisions to keep us safe in this public health crisis, not political pressure.”

“Let’s stay the course and continue to do what’s necessary to keep ourselves, our families and our neighbors safe. The sooner we reduce our risks, the sooner we can be on the road to recovery,” Hadden said.

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