Rogers Park Businesses Still Open; Carry-Out Available


We at RogersEdgeReporter are listening to the experts and staying home as much as possible. But we also know that there are many businesses in our neighborhood that might not survive if we don’t patronize them when we can.

Here’s a very helpful list, courtesy of Louise Yingduo Liu, of the Silverman Group.

Clark Street

Bark Place: Open 6:30am-6:30pm, curbside/door pickup preferred, purchase gift card

BQT Hair Studio: Open 10am-7pm

El Famous Burrito: Open 10am-7pm, delivery/curbside pick up available
El Pulpo Loco: Open 11am-11pm , delivery/take out available

El Rey del Taco: Open 10am-11pm , delivery/curbside/take out available
El Sabor Poblano: Open 8am-9pm , delivery/take out available

Floral Paradise: Open 11am-7pm

GingerSlam: Open Tues-Sat 10am-7pm, gift cards available in store

Helix Cafe: Closed, purchase gift cards

Imprenta de Leon y Variedades: Open 11am-7pm

La Azteca Produce: Open 8am-8pm, delivery/curbside pickup available

Leather64TEN: Open 9am-4am, delivery/pick up available.

M.B.M. Beauty Salon: Open 9am-7:40pm

Muffler 4 Less: Open 8:30am-6:00pm

Nueva Italy: Mon-Fri 4-10:45pm, Sat-Sun 3-10:45pm, delivery/curbside/take out available

P&J Super Auto: Open 8am-6pm

Salon Zoey: Open 11am-7pm

Sandy Beauty Salon: Open 9am-7pm

Smack Dab: Open Tues-Wed 8am-3pm, Thurs-Sun 8am-3pm & 5-9pm , delivery/curbside pickup, purchase gift card

Taqueria Ciudad Hidalgo: Open 10am-10pm, delivery/take out available

Tamales Lo Mejor de Guerrero: Open 5am-8pm, delivery/take out available

Taste of Peru: Open Sun-Thurs 11:30am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-11pm, take out available, gift cards available in store

Urban Tables: Open, hours vary, delivery/take out available


Devon Ave

Clark Devon Hardware: Open Mon-Fri, 730am-6pm, Sat 7:30am-5pm, Sun 9am-5pm, curb side/pick up available, call in advance for inquiries

Nori: Open 11am-9pm, delivery/curbside/take out available
La Unica Food Mart, Inc.: Open 8am-9pm, delivery/curbside/take out available


Lifeline Theatre: Closed, donate here.

Redwood Literacy: Closed, doing virtual classes

Rogers Park Provisions: Open 11am-8pm, delivery/pickup available, purchase gift card.


Howard Street

Around the Clock: Open 7am-11:30pm
Badou Senegalese: Open 12-9pm, delivery/take out available, gift cards available in store
Buffalo Joe’s: Open 11am-7pm, delivery/take out available

The Factory Theater: Closed, donate here.

Hip Circle Empowerment Center: Closed, doing virtual classes

Salerno’s On Tap: Open 4pm-12am, delivery/take out available
Sol Cafe: Open 8am-2pm, delivery/curbside/take out available, purchase gift card
Yamon Jerk Grill: Open 11am-11pm , delivery/take out available


Jarvis Square

Anto Pizza & Pasta: Open 12-9pm, delivery/curbside/take out available

Charmers Cafe: Open 6:30am-3pm, take out/pick up available, purchase gift card

Jarvis Grill: Open 11am-9pm, delivery/curbside/take out available

R Public House: Open 11am-8pm, take out only, purchase gift card

Taste Food & Wine: Open 12-7pm, call/email in advance to pick up orders


Loyola Ave 

Archie’s Cafe: Mon-Wed 7am-3pm, Sat-Sun 8am-3pm, curbside/take out available


Morse Ave 

JB Alberto’s: Open 4pm-1am, delivery/take out available, contactless delivery/take out as well

Los Portales: Open 10am-11:30pm, delivery/take out available

Tostini: Open 10am-6pm, delivery/take out available, purchase gift card


Sheridan Rd 

Asahi Roll: Open 11:30am-9:30pm, take out/curbside available

Bop n Grill: Open 11am-10pm, delivery/curbside/take out available, purchase gift card

Clarke’s: Open 7am-3pm, delivery/curbside/take out available

Giordano’s: Open 10:30am-11pm, delivery/curbside/take out available, purchase gift card
Hops & Grapes: Open 11am-11pm, take out available

The New 400 Theaters: Closed, donate here.

Nibbles & Nosh: Open 9am-3pm, delivery/curbside/take out available, purchase gift card
Picnic Wine & Provisions: Open Wed-Sun, 12-7pm, take out/curbside only
Potbelly: Open 10am-10pm, delivery/curbside/take out available, purchase gift card
Raising Cane’s: Open 10am-12am, take out available, purchase gift card
Rogers Wings: Open 11am-10:30pm delivery/take out available
Twisted Tapas: Open 5-8pm, delivery/take out available, purchase gift card

XO Marshmallow: Open 12-8pm, delivery/curbside/take out available, purchase gift card

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