No Kidding: Edgewater’s New Mayor is … a Goat!


Pax the goat was named Pet Mayor of Edgewater at Edgefest yesterday, following a long campaign to raise money for Care for Real and their pet pantry.

He bucked the odds in a field of cats and dogs, climbing from fourth in early polling to claim victory at the end.

The event, organized by Patti Colandrea of the Bark Bark Club and the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, raised almost $20,000 for the charity from votes. 

Care for Real’s Pet Pantry helps raise money to buy pet supplies for families who are unable to afford them. 

First on Mayor Pax’s agenda is to promote the Shop Local movement in both Edgewater and Andersonville neighborhoods, according to his owners, Larry Nieman and Daniel Zagotta. Pax will also support the East Andersonville residents in their fight to save fourteen trees from being cut down in order to put in new water mains. 

The other candidates: Ballew, Bug, Wrigley, and Winston the dogs, as well as one cat, Titus, are now members of Mayor Pax’s cabinet. Positions include Commissioner of Pups and Recreation (Ballew) and Commissioner of Transpurrtation (Titus).

You can follow the new mayor at on Facebook here.


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