Osterman Spreading the Word On Rights Ahead Of Expected Weekend ICE Raids


By Elena Wilson and Naima Woods

In response to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids expected this weekend, Alderman Harry Osterman said he is making efforts to inform residents of their rights.

Osterman said he recently joined Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Argyle Street  himself and other community leaders and activists, “denouncing the president’s efforts to split families using ice, (and raising awareness of) efforts are to try to get the word out,” he said.  

Osterman said he is using the 48th Ward newsletter to educate immigrants and refugees on their rights, and “to make sure that they’re aware of legal services that they can take advantage of to protect themselves in case something happens.”

Mayor Lightfoot issued a statement this week saying she has ordered Chicago police not to share information with ICE agents.


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