Moore Backs Three New Neighborhood Liquor Options


Outgoing Ald. Joe Moore is supporting two liquor licenses, along with a zoning change that would allow a neighborhood shop on Jarvis to sell wine by the glass.

Moore announced his support on his website this week. The measures still need City Council approval, which is much more likely with local aldermanic support.

The two new liquor licenses would be given to Picnic Wine and Provisions, and Howard Street Brewing company, two yet-to-open businesses. The zoning change would be given to Taste Food and Wine, a shop in the Jarvis Square Area.

Picnic Wine and Provisions is zoned B3-2, which allows for a grocery and a deli, but it falls under the moratorium on new liquor licenses on Sheridan, between Touhy and Jarvis, Moore said. Owner Liz Ahern first has to get the moratorium lifted by the City Council, he said.

Moore held a public hearing on this license earlier this year, and said that, while some concerns were expressed, support from neighbors was overwhelming.

“I agree with those who support giving Ms. Ahern an opportunity to apply for a liquor license,” Moore said. “We need to do all we can to support both existing and new quality businesses in our neighborhood and a liquor license will help to ensure the success of Picnic Wine and Provisions.”

The proposed Howard Street Brewing company will include be a small 26-seat venue in which customers can sample the owners products.

Taste Food and Wine is zoned B3 zone, which means it is not allowed to work as a licensed tavern if there is another one within 400 feet. The zoning change would allow the store to sell wine and beer by the glass. Although changing the zone does not entitle the owners to a tavern license, they would still have to apply for one and get approved in order to function as a tavern, Moore said.

“Taste Food and Wine is one of the anchor businesses in the Jarvis Square business district,” Moore said. “It is no surprise that Taste’s proposal received such overwhelming community support. I was proud to support their zoning change application.”

“I want to thank everyone who took the time to attend the community meetings or email my office to express their views on the proposals,” Moore said. “I’m excited about the new businesses opening in Rogers Park and thrilled that one of our existing businesses is recommitting to our neighborhood.”


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