Say It Ain’t So: Demo Permit for Heartland Cafe


Thanks to Chicago Cityscape on twitter (@Chibuildings), we hear that a demolition permit has been issued for the building that houses the Heartland Cafe, long a Rogers Park fixture at the intersection of vegetarian eating and progressive politics.

The restaurant closed at the end of last year, after the building that houses it was sold.

We’ll let you know when we learn what is planned for the site. Meanwhile, here are some words from former owner Tom Rosenfeld, when he announced the closing last year.

“We might be able to come back once the new owners build a new building, but that won’t be for some time,” Rosenfeld wrote. “So we have been reviewing new spaces. At this time, there are a few that might work and we are trying to work out details, but nothing is certain. No matter what happens next, we will need to close down for at least a few months. What we know now is that Heartland’s last day of operation in our home for 42 years will be December 31.”

Rosenfeld also paid tribute to Heartland Cafe founders Katy Hogan and Michael James.

“You breathed in Rogers Park and exhaled a space that could only exist in this neighborhood,” he said, referring to the couple who opened the restaurant in 1976. “Heartland has always been a reflection of you –outspoken, politically active, funny, lovable, a little rough around the edges, served with a splash of opinion and some veggies with black beans and rice. On behalf of the neighborhood who holds up your creation as an iconic symbol of Rogers Park, I thank you for what you created here.”

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