Fighting Hate With Love, Rogers Park Jewish Community Honors Eliyahu Moscowitz


The Jewish community in Rogers Park gathered to “eradicate hate with love” in remembrance of recent shooting victim Eliyahu Moscowitz, remembering the joy he brought to those he met.

More than 200 residents endured the cold Monday evening to celebrate the second day of Hanukkah at Loyola Park. They lit the Menorah, sang, danced, and offered memories of Moscowitz, who was active and well-known in the Jewish community. He was the second of two people shot and killed earlier this year by a masked gunman who has yet to be caught.

“We are showing proudly and strongly that his light will continue to shine, and will not be extinguished,” said Rabbi Yoel Wolf, a leader of the Chabads of East Rogers Park and Loyola University, and one of Moscowitz’ oldest friends.

The theme of the event light overcoming darkness.

Rabbi Dovid Kotlersky, leader of the Chabad of East Lakeview and mentor to Moscowitz, remembered him for being loving, kind, and caring to everyone—always wearing a smile and a positive energy about him.

Moscowitz’ father, Rabbi Mendel Moscowitz, said his son was kind to everyone he met and always wanted to help others.

“It is the essence of Jewishness, that when there is darkness, we have light,” the elder Moscowitz said.

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