Editor’s note: Few things are more frustrating than walking into the voting booth, thinking you are voting on a few races, and seeing page after page of names and ballot measures, including the long list of judicial candidates. With that in mind, here is a list of of everything Rogers Park and Edgewater residents will find on their ballot Tuesday. We’re including links to some candidate websites, if you want to do your own research. And we’ve also included links to bar association ratings for judges, as well as some editorial recommendations from other publications. You can scroll to the end to find these. We hope you find this helpful, and that you vote. Special thanks to Rogers Edge Reporter Assistant Editor Michael McDevitt, who created this guide, and to Mitchell Deligio and Elvir Mujkanovic, who helped.

Federal Candidates

U.S. House Representative, 9th Congressional District

State Candidates

Illinois Governor

Illinois Attorney General

Illinois Secretary of State

Illinois Comptroller

Illinois Treasurer

State Representative, 14th District

Kelly Cassidy (D)

Local Candidates

Water Reclamation District Commissioner, 6 Year Term

R. Cary Capparelli (R)

Shundar Lin (R)

Marcelino Garcia (D)

Debra Shore (D)

Karik Steele (D)

Christopher Anthony (Green)

Karen Roothaan (Green)

Tammie Felicia Vinson (Green)

Water Reclamation District Commissioner, 2 Year Term

Kimberly Neely Dubuclet (D)

Rachel Wales (Green)

Water Reclamation District Commissioner, 2 Year Term

Cameron “Cam” Davis (D)

Geoffrey Cubbage (Green)

Cook County Board President

Toni Preckwinkle (D)

Cook County Commissioner, District 10

Bridget Gainer (D)

Cook County Commissioner, District 13

Larry Suffredin (D)

Chris J. Hanusiak (R)

Cook County Clerk

Karen Yarbrough (D)

Cook County Sheriff

Thomas Dart (D)

Cook County Assessor

Frederick Kaegi (D)       Joseph Paglia (R)

Cook County Treasurer

Maria Pappas (D)

Helpful Link

You can click here for a link to the Better Government Association’s helpful ballot guide.


1st District Supreme Court Justice

Anne Burke (No Party)

Illinois Appellate Court

Margaret McBride

Cook County Judges

For the Brewer vacancy

Kathryn Vahey (D)

For the Clay vacancy

Kathleen Lanahan (D)

For the Dooling vacancy

Tom Sianis (D)

For the Egan vacancy

Rosa Silva (D)

For the Dunford vacancy

Thomas Mcguire (D)

For the Flanagan vacancy

Preston Jones Jr. (D)

For the Hartigan vacancy

Cecilia Horan (D)

For the Jordan vacancy

Clare Quish (D)

For the McGinnis vacancy

Peter Gonzalez (D)

For the Rooney vacancy

Jack Hagerty (D)

Retain …

Martin Agran (non-partisan)

Thomas Allen (non-partisan)

Larry Axelrod (non-partisan)

Ronald Bartkowicz (non-partisan)

Carl Boyd (non-partisan)

Maura Boyle (non-partisan)

Daniel Brennan (non-partisan)

Tommy Brewer (non-partisan)

Mary Brosnahan (non-partisan)

Michael Clancy (non-partisan)

Matthew Coghlan (non-partisan)

Daniel Degnan (non-partisan)

Grace Dickler (non-partisan)

John H. Ehrlich (non-partisan)

Kathy Flanagan (non-partisan)

Ellen Flannigan (non-partisan)

Peter Flynn (non-partisan)

Terry Gallagher (non-partisan)

William Gamboney (non-partisan)

Celia Gamrath (non-partisan)

Joyce Murphy Gorman (non-partisan)

Deborah Gubin (non-partisan)

Catherine Haber Korn (non-partisan)

Elizabeth Hayes (non-partisan)

Carol Howard (non-partisan)

Moshe Jacobius (non-partisan)

Lionel Jean-Baptiste (non-partisan)

Paul Karkula (non-partisan)

Martin Kelley (non-partisan)

Pamela Leeming (non-partisan)

Kimberly Lewis (non-partisan)

Stuart Lubin (non-partisan)

Aicha MacCarthy (non-partisan)

Edward Maloney (non-partisan)

Marcia Maras (non-partisan)

Lisa Ann Marino (non-partisan)

Jill Cerone-Marisie (non-partisan)

Diann Karen Marsalek (non-partisan)

James M. McGing (non-partisan)

Mike McHale (non-partisan)

Michael Tully Mullen (non-partisan)

James P. Murphy (non-partisan)

Thomas W. Murphy (non-partisan)

Joan O’Brien (non-partisan)

Karen Lynn O’Malley (non-partisan)

Ramon Ocasio III (non-partisan)

Paul Pavlus (non-partisan)

Lorna E. Propes (non-partisan)

Cynthia Ramirez (non-partisan)

Erica L. Reddick (non-partisan)

Mary Colleen Roberts (non-partisan)

Thomas Roti (non-partisan)

Beatriz Santiago (non-partisan)

Regina Ann Scannicchio (non-partisan)

Andrea M. Schleifer (non-partisan)

Colleen Sheehan (non-partisan)

Diane M. Shelley (non-partisan)

James M. Varga (non-partisan)

Carl A. Walker (non-partisan)

E. Kenneth Wright (non-partisan)

Cook County 8th Sub Circuit

For the Fabri vacancy

James Shapiro (D)

For the Liu vacancy

Lindsay Huge (D)

For the Pethers vacancy

Jeanne Wrenn (D)

Helpful Links for Judicial Ratings

Cook County Bar Association

Chicago Bar Association

Illinois Bar Association

Chicago Tribune Judicial Recommendations

Ballot Questions

Countywide, Minimum Wage

Countywide, Minimum Wage – Shall the minimum wage in your municipality match the $13 per hour Cook County minimum wage law for adults over the age of 18 by July 1, 2020, and be indexed to the consumer price index after that?

Countywide, Earned Sick Time

Countywide, Earned Sick Time-Shall your municipality match the Cook County earned sick time law which allows for workers to earn up to 40 hours (5 days) of sick time a year to take care of their own health or a family member’s health?

Countywide, Firearms

Should the State of Illinois strengthen penalties for the illegal trafficking of firearms and require all gun dealers to be certified by the State?

Citywide, Tax Exemption

Should the City of Chicago seek that the State of Illinois create a homeowners property tax exemption for families in municipalities of over 500,000 that have lived in their home for over 10 years and whose income is under $100,000?

Citywide, Marijuana Revenue

In the event marijuana is legalized, should the City of Chicago appropriate revenue from the sale of marijuana to increase funding for Chicago Public Schools and for mental health services?

Citywide, Ban Straws

Should the City of Chicago ban the use of plastic straws within the corporate city limits?

Citywide, Term Limit Mayor

Shall Chicago adopt the following term limit for the office of Mayor effective for the mayoral election in 2019 and thereafter: No person may hold the office of Mayor for more than two consecutive elected 4-year terms (with all prior consecutive elected terms of the current officeholder counted in determining the term limit for that officeholder)?

Citywide, Consumer Advocate

Shall Chicago establish an elected Consumer Advocate for taxpayers and consumers to replace the appointed Commissioner of the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection? The office of Consumer Advocate shall be elected in 2019 and every four years thereafter in the same manner and with the same eligibility and candidacy filing requirements and removal provisions as the office of City Clerk. The Consumer Advocate shall receive the same salary as the City Clerk and a vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as a vacancy in the office of City Clerk. The Consumer Advocate shall hold office for a 4-year term and until a successor is elected and qualified. The Consumer Advocate shall have the following powers and duties: 1) protect taxpayers and consumers from unfairness and inequality; 2) monitor city compliance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act; 3) promote a healthful environment; and 4) replace the appointed Commissioner of the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection and manage all duties and responsibilities of the Department.
Should Cook County work to create and maintain a tax incentive program that results in lower property tax bills and reduces the tax burden on local property owners and taxpayers?

49th Ward, Rent Control

Shall the State of Illinois lift the ban on rent control?

49th Ward (Precincts 13, 20, 23, 31), Lead in the Water

Shall the City of Chicago hold hearings on lead in the water?

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Chicago Tribune: Here.

Chicago Sun-Times: Here.

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