Netflix and Scream? Here are Five Scary Movies That Should Do the Trick


It’s Halloween movie season. And while Rogers Park’s own the New 400 is offering a nice selection, there are a lot of other good choices out there. We put the question to one of the movie buffs among our student staffers, who didn’t disappoint. So here, for your consideration, is the first-ever, official, RogersEdgeReporter “Best Scary Movies” list.

It’s late October, which is the perfect time for anyone with a love of scary movies to get the word about their personal favorites out there before Halloween. Below are five horror movies I love that fit the season, and won’t disappoint anyone looking for something scary to watch.

“Raw” (2016) Directed by Julia Ducournau: Gruesome body horror, dark comedy, and coming-of-age charm intersect in this impressive feature debut about a vegetarian forced to eat meat during a veterinary school hazing. On a technical level, the movie’s bold coloration and haunting score perfectly complement Ducournau’s refreshing direction. Still, what makes “Raw” special is the perfect union between the movie’s tone, atmosphere, and subtext. A plot that seems like surface level gross-out material doubles as a metaphor about the effect familial relationships have on young people’s development. Be warned, this movie does not shy away from realistic gore.

“You’re Next” (2011) Directed by Adam Wingard: Probably the most fun slasher of the last ten years, “You’re Next” starts enthusiastically and only ramps things up from there. The Davison family reunion barely gets to begin before they’re attacked by a mysterious gang of killers who appear to have the house surrounded, leaving the family no option but to fight their way out. An aggressive pace and constantly increasing stakes make the movie thrilling to watch, and easy to love.

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” (1986) Directed by Tobe Hooper: The original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is dark, oppressive, and downright cruel, all of which makes it one of the scariest movies ever. Its sequel, however, shares all of the same descriptors while being an unabashed slapstick comedy simultaneously. Buoyed by a bonkers Dennis Hopper performance, this sequel uses decapitations, car chases, and masks made of human skin as comedic material, a feat that perhaps only Tobe Hooper could pull off. It’s not for everyone, but it is a spectacle.

“Wish Upon” (2017) Directed by John R. Leonetti: This movie inspired some brutally bad reviews, but I found it to be a lot of fun to watch. It’s a campy movie about a cursed music box that grants any wish, with the caveat that someone must die for it to come true. The plot is a little thin, but the joy of watching Joey King and a cast of young actors try their hardest to sell some ridiculous dialogue makes it all worth it. This movie provides a lot of laughs and a genuinely endearing cast, even if it’s no masterpiece.

“Inferno” (1980) Directed by Dario Argento: A companion, if not direct sequel to “Suspiria,” Inferno arguably ups the visual ante compared to its predecessor, which is a masterwork in its own right. The opening set piece of “Inferno” is beautiful and scary, and the movie doesn’t let up from there. Argento is aggressive with the camera, and the editing and score follow suit. “Inferno” is similar to “Wish Upon” (that might be the first time that’s ever been said seriously) in that it doesn’t rely on its narrative for entertainment. Every frame of this movie is uniquely gorgeous, with insane texture, a diverse palate of colors, and perfect set design to be found throughout. Argento is one of the best “giallo” directors out there, and “Inferno” is one of his best.


  1. Great suggestions. All five movies are all perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit. My one critique with this piece, however, is that the author lacks journalistic integrity. He thinks by using big words like “palate” and “unabashed”, people will believe he’s a knowledgeable person with a worthwhile opinion. If you ask me, this guy is just another toxin eating away at this countries traditional values. The media is the enemy of the people. CNN, MSNBC, Rodgers Edge Reporter, and many more media companies sole purpose for existing is to brainwash you into becoming LBGQT. I advise all of you reading this comment to stop reading the mainstream media, and honestly just stop reading in general. This is the only way we can maintain our way of life. I thought Raw was underrated when it came out. Good to see it getting some recognition. Great character development + the cinematography really helped build the suspense

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