Two Days, Two Rogers Park Murders – Same Gun, Police Say

Chicago Police released surveillance video of a masked suspect in two Rogers Park shootings in the last two days. (Photo courtesy of the Chicago Police.)

Two apparently unrelated fatal shootings in two days in Rogers Park were carried out with the same gun, most likely by the same person, Chicago police said Tuesday.

“Both shootings came from the same gun and likely the same suspect,” Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said a press conference at the Rogers Park District police station. “The shell casings found at both crime scenes were found to be a match.”

Johnson said police are not aware of any connection between the two victims. “At this point, there is nothing that leads us to believe this individuals are connected in anyway. There’s nothing that points to these two men knowing each other,” he said.

You can read the Chicago Tribune story on the case here.

Loyola University police issued a security alert to all students, even though both murders happened off campus, and did not involve student.

“While not in Loyola University Chicago’s Campus Safety’s patrol boundaries and not involving Loyola students, these acts cause both departments to feel that the offender in these murder investigations is an ongoing threat to the campus area and Campus Safety’s patrol boundaries as well,” the security alert said.

Douglass Watts, 73, was shot and killed September 30, at approximately 10 a.m., in the 1400 block of West Sherwin Avenue.  Yesterday, at approximately 10:20 p.m.,Eliyahu Moscowitz, 24, was shot and killed on the bike path of Loyola Park, located on the 1100 block of West Lunt Avenue. Both men were walking alone when the crimes occurred, police said.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel also attended the press conference with Johnson.

“I know firsthand the Rogers Park community is strong, is resilient and is a supportive community,” he said. “We need those core vales and the police department needs those core values at this time. People will go about their daily lives but we want it to be done in a safe way, a smart way and vigilant about their way.”


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