Senn High School holds clothing drive for refugees


Incoming freshman to Senn High School organized a clothing donation stand and candy bar sale to raise money for refugees. The event was planned with the help of the high school’s math and freshman connection teacher, Michael Meadows.

The event took place today, July 18th from 9 to 11:30 am and will continue tomorrow at the same time in front of Senn High School’s main entrance (door 4).

Meadows said this project was an idea pitched by the incoming freshmen.

“Part of this project is that they design and come up with a service project within this two week period, our group decided to support local refugees,” He said. 

Janae Bobbitt, an incoming freshman, said the project was a way to give back to others. 

“It’s more of a human thing, you see somebody in need and you want to help them because you know they’re struggling,” Bobbitt said. 

Demi Davis, also an incoming freshman, said they chose to support local refugees to help them feel welcome in their neighborhood. 

“We chose to do the clothing drive and candy sells for the local refugees who need our help and are coming to America and are trying to adjust,” Davis said. 

Bobbitt said the clothing drive is a small way they can have an impact on a nation-wide issue. 

“I chose to get involved because I believe this isn’t just an issue for themselves, this is happening everywhere and it’s important to help out.”

The clothing drive will run again tomorrow from 9 to 11:30 am tomorrow.


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