How to survive extreme heat in the city


Keeping cool is top priority to survive heat waves in Chicago. The easiest way is to stay inside an air conditioning. If you can’t, though, here are some tips for staying cool when temperature climbs.

Drink water:

Drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water everyday increases energy levels and decreases chances of fatigue and anxiety, according Healthline. Drinking the recommended amounts may also help treating and preventing headaches. This is especially true in extreme heat.

Check on your neighbors

Chicago’s heat wave of 1995 lead to more than 700 deaths. Many victims were elderly residents living alone, and afraid to open their windows or run costly air conditioners. If you have older neighbors, or people who have trouble getting out of the house, keep an eye on them, and get them help if they need it.

Keep your pets cool by placing cooling pads for them to lay on

In 90-degree weather, fans on pets may not always cool them off as much as you think. Keep them hydrated. Many pet stores offer cooling beds, which can provide comfort several hours.

Keep electronic devices at a cool temperature

Devices overheating may damage the components and shorten their lifespan. Avoiding direct sunlight and keeping them off of toasters, microwaves, ovens and other electronic devices will prevent them from getting extremely hot. T-Mobile’s tips for preventing constant overheating are to remove the battery if possible, checking for swelling, then reinserting it in the device. If your battery is swollen you may need to replace it.

Get to a cooling center

The city has designated a number of “cooling centers.” These are public buildings, like libraries and police stations, where residents can go to cool down.

Below is a map we made of the cooling centers in the Rogers Park and Edgewater communities.


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