Third Coast Comics: a big world in a small store

Third Coast Comics owner Terry Gant.

Next door to the RogersEdge Reporter newsroom is our friendly neighbor “Third Coast Comics.” Located at 6443 N. Sheridan Rd., Terry Gant’s the store has a massive selection of comic and graphic books, neatly arranged in less than 300 square feet.

Gant opened his store in August of 2008, but comic books have always been a big part of his life. He said they were a source of comfort for him when he traveled back and forth between his parents’ homes, which were many states apart. He looked forward to buying a comic book in the airport before each flight.

Gant’s love for comic books continued to flourish, with the help of a comic book store that popped up in his neighborhood when he settled back in Chicago at age 8.

His passion has moved beyond just reading comic books. There’s also the thrill of collecting, and his comic library now stands at an estimated 40,000 books.

“I just love like not just reading the comics and drawing and things like that but also the hunt,” he said.

Gant found a way to curate 1,000 square ft worth of merchandise into a 258 square ft store. It’s actually something that helps him out from other stores, which are often not as well organized.

“My shop is organized and clean and my diversity of selection usually is the thing that everybody talks about,” he said.

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