TBaar bubble tea comes to Rogers Park


TBaar, a bubble tea and fruit smoothie store opened in Rogers Park on June 3, at 1223 W. Devon Ave.

The first TBaar opened up in Brooklyn, NY in 2006. They now have 20 stores across the U.S, and tout the slogan “Make life fresh.”

Not only do they serve juice and tea, but they also encourage people to live a healthier and greener lifestyle.

The drink barista told us that the stores most popular item is their bubble tea and fruit smoothies. They also serve milk tea, smoothies, mojitos, lemonade, hot drinks, and fresh juice which can be served with different toppings.

TBaar is offering a 10 percent discount for Loyola students as part of their grand opening.

I ordered a strawberry-banana mango smoothie with tapioca. The drink was cold, fresh, and was topped with chopped mango. The tapioca was soft and chewy, and there was a larger amount of tapioca than in other bubble tea drinks I’ve tried. 

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