Largest dinosaur discovered arrives to Field Museum


The Field Museum in Chicago received the largest dinosaur ever discovered and they will be debuting him on June 1st.

The dinosaur is 122 feet long and takes up a third of the museum’s Stanley Field Hall, it’s central hall. Its head reaches the second floor’s 28-foot balcony.

The dinosaur skeleton, which was discovered in Argentina, is nicknamed Maximo, which is Spanish for “maximum” or “most.”

Maximo is not going to be alone since a flock of life-size replicas of giant flying reptiles and state-of-the-art hanging gardens will be added to his exhibit. This new addition will be part of the museum 125th anniversary, which is celebrated this year.


The dinosaur is made from fossil bones of Patagotitan Mayorum, a giant long-necked herbivore from Argentina. Visitors are allowed to touch and walk under it.

The Field Museum is located 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr. If Edgewater or Rogers Park residents are eager to see this gigantic dinosaur they can take the CTA Red Line towards 95th and get down on Roosevelt and State. After taking bus 130 towards museum campus residents can get out at Soldier Field and Field Museum and walk about 2 minutes.

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