Aloha Poke opens on Sheridan Road


Aloha Poke restaurant opened on Sheridan, right next to Potbelly restaurant. “Aloha” means “goodbye” in Hawaiian.

Aloha Poke used to be a tiny food stall in a train station and now they are expanding their stores into 14 different locations in Chicago, one of them happens to be the one on Sheridan.

According to their website, their mission is to rethink fast food and provide healthy meals that fuel one’s day. They also serve “fresh, fast food and tasty bowls of quality raw ingredients.”

Aloha Poke also has a catering service and are currently hiring.

The restaurant serves vegetables and fruits, along with seafood and different types of sauces. They have three different sizes of bowls: little, big and Kahuna – which means a wise man in Hawaiian.


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