Construction ahead for Rogers Park beaches


This upcoming summer the Chicago Park District will renovate Juneway, Howard, and Rogers Park beaches due to damage from winter storms and high water levels in Lake Michigan.

Here’s a breakdown of how and when the Rogers Beach Park will be repaired.

Rogers Beach Park, located next to Juneway Beach Park at 7705 N. Eastlake Terrace, will be under construction by the end of May. Repairs will include filling voids with stone and/or concrete material. Construction is expected to be finished by June 15, according to the announcement.

In the announcement, Moore said the city and the Park District are formulating a plan of action to address the collapse of Birchwood Avenue at the Lake. They are also discussing the possibility of installing rock piles in the lake. These rock piles would prevent destruction caused by intense waves.

”They will help to ensure the safety of the Lakefront so that beachgoers and picnickers can enjoy our beautiful lakefront safely this summer,” – Alderman Joe Moore 


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