Loyola Campus Shuttle Driver Doesn’t Recognize Clayton Custer


By Justin Cabrera

We all know the Loyola Ramblers lost in the NCAA tournament Saturday night, but they remain winners to Loyola students, faculty and staff.

However, some new fans still don’t know exactly what Clayton Custer, the league’s MVP, looks like.

Last week, Custer took a seat on the campus shuttle. The driver, excited about the upcoming game,  led the students in a short cheer – without realizing Custer was sitting right there.

Another student posted a video of the incident on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time Custer has gone unrecognized.

After Loyola won the Elite 8 game, a fan saw the team in the hotel and wanted them to pose for a picture with him. Not realizing Custer was a player, he handed the phone to him and said, “Can you take this, mister?”


For the record, this is what Clayton Custer looks like.


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