Students Frustrated about New Loyola Athletic Center


By Elise McGannon

Loyola plans on starting construction of a new athletic building this April. The building will serve as practice space for Loyola’s basketball and volleyball teams.

It was cost around $18.5 million to construct.

We hit the streets and asked Loyola students what they think about this building.

Opinions were mixed.

Meg Deitchler, Loyola sophomore, believes the money could be used elsewhere. “They are investing $2 million into a new athletic center when we really need more housing, which would serve a greater population of students,” she said.

While most of the funding for the center will come from donor Al Norville, Loyola will be spending $1 to $2 million of university capital on it.

Michelle Mortimer, a senior, wishes that Loyola would put millions towards other areas in need of funding. “I don’t mind that they’re investing in athletes, but I wish we would see the same investment in the quality of the non-athlete student experience. As students, we are taught the importance of social justice and treating people equally, so I hope that Loyola finds a way to balance this expense.”

However, not all students are frustrated with the new addition. Jessica Pelka, a basketball fan, sees the athletic center as a step forward for Loyola, “If we make it to March Madness every year, then Loyola would make more money in the long run that they could use towards paying the staff more or raising scholarships.”

Despite the rising frustration of students, construction begins next month for the new athletic building. It’s set to be finished in July of 2019.

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