People on the Street: Do you feel safe in your neighborhood?


By Lindsay Nolden

*The original post included crime statistics from Trulia, a real estate web site. It was unclear what time period those statistics covered. We have updated this story with more accurate numbers. . 

Violent crimes in big cities increased across the country in 2017, according to the Major Cities Chiefs Association’s midyear crime survey. Chicago is no exception.

Sgt. Shawn Sisk, the Community Policing Sergeant at the 24th Police District, which covers Rogers Park and Edgewater, provided this list of the crimes committed in the area since January 1, 2018:

  • 202 reported thefts
  • 34 incidents of burglary
  • Three reported shootings
  • 45 reports of robbery
  • Zero homicides
  • 32 reported incidents of motor vehicle theft.
  • Five reports of criminal sexual assault


Sisk also noted that are police had made 23 arrests for theft, 8 arrests for robbery, 4 arrests for aggravated battery, 3 arrests for murder, 2 arrests for criminal sexual assault, 10 arrests for burglary and 7 arrests for motor vehicle theft.

We hit the streets to ask those who live and work in the area, “Do you feel safe in the area? Why or why not?”

Opinions were mixed.

Colm Treacy, owner of the bar and restaurant Pub 626, said,  “Safety has been a big issue for my business because the shooting happened right outside my restaurant.”

The shooting is in reference to the death of a 64-year-old teacher who was struck by a bullet in a drive-by shooting last October. 

He says that since the murder, he’s seen more police patrolling the area since, which he hopes will help the residents feel safe.



Dashurie Tahiri, a Loyola student, says that while the crime has surprised her, she knows she has it better than others in Chicago. “Compared to more southern neighborhoods [in Chicago] safety is not as much of an issue,” she says. “But it is still more of an issue than I expected coming in as a student in a college neighborhood.”



Alex Peterson, another Loyola student, says, “The fact that I should not have my headphones in and not have my hood up when I am walking means there is a safety issue, especially at night.”



Stephanie Meza, who works in the area, says, “I have not had any personal experience with crime but many of my co-workers have.”

Meza said that people often steal from the store she works in.



But others don’t worry about crime. Andrew Taylor says, “I feel that the CPD has an active presence, as well as LUCPD. I also feel like the neighborhood community is active, and when out and about, I never feel too far from anyone or out of earshot.”



Eden Radant says,  “I have always felt safe and I have not had a personal experience regarding danger in the area.”


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