People on the street: How do you feel about the new Target?

Photo by GREC Architects

By Ben Bissell

Get ready, Rogers Park.

This year, you’ll notice more traffic, more jobs and more red bullseyes in the area.

Last September, construction began on an eight story building at 6418 North Sheridan Road. It will contain 111 apartments and 30,000 square feet of retail space.

Target has signed a lease for the spot.

We asked local residents how they feel about the new Target.

Opinions were mixed. Some fear the big box retailer will hurt small business owners and chip away at the area’s charm. Others are excited that shopping – for everything from throw pillows to milk – will soon be easier.

Gentrification was mentioned by nearly everyone interviewed.

“With a new Target in the neighborhood, we are going to see a huge influx of individuals from other surrounding areas. While this may be good for community development, I am concerned that this is just another example of gentrification,” said Aminatu Rubango, a resident of Edgewater.

Rubango felt this may just be another way that the community is giving in to “big corporate pockets.”


Daryn Robinson,  who is new to Rogers Park, worries about the mom and pop stores in the area. “Although it may open up jobs in the community, I think it causes too much damage to the people who work hard here every day to make an honest living.”

Mary Myers, a DePaul University student who resides in Edgewater, says that a new Target will not change her shopping habits.  “Like a lot of people, I shop at small, local stores on purpose.”

Others, however, are excited about the new Targer. Drew Majewski, a four-year resident of Rogers Park, said, “This is exactly the kind of business I want to see more of.  I love the local places, but I need a place that carries everything so I don’t have to travel far.”

Lola Montero says the new Target will ultimately benefit consumers. “Competition is good,” she said.  “It will force other stores to be more competitive and drive down prices.”

Josie Abundes, a student at Loyola University Chicago, says the store will make life easier for everyone in the area, especially college students.  “Target has all of the essentials.”

The store will open in fall of 2019.

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