Loyola Men’s Soccer Team Cycled For Survival


By Giann Magno

On Feb. 11th, the Loyola Men’s Soccer team took part in an annual fundraiser, Cycle for Survival, at the Equinox Innovative Initiative downtown.

The event, which occurs simultaneously across the country, raises money and awareness for the cancers which are extremely rare.

Loyola Men’s Soccer raised over $8000 in their fight for cancer, adding to the nationwide total of $28,601,890 (and counting).

During the four hour drive, each member of the group took shifts biking on a stationary bike.

During the fundraiser, ‘party-like’ music played at a loud volume. Speakers also took turns at a microphone, talking about how rare cancers affected either themselves or their loved ones.


Freshman team member Michael Riley said, “The day was an emotional rollercoaster, because you get to experience the highs of cycling with the leaders, the music and your teammates, but you also get to hear the touching stories of how much cancer can make adversity in one person or a group of people’s lives.”



(Photo: Courtesy of Cycle For Survival)






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