Film Set in Rogers Park Premieres Tonight


By Ben Bissell

Have you already seen “Black Panther?”

Tonight, check out a smaller budget film set entirely in Rogers Park.

The film debuts tonight in the New 400 Theater in Rogers Park.

According to the Chicago Reader, the film is centered around the chaotic lives of two middle-aged couples facing personal crises. It also portrays the realities of the historic neighborhood, highlighting the diversity of Rogers Park and the variety of career options that are available for the individuals who reside there.

Each individual at the ending of Rogers Park has the perspective of life as a “work in progress.”

In an interview with the Chicago Reader, the film’s director, Kyle Henry, had this to say about that perspective, “That was something I struggled with a lot, getting the end right. We actually reshot the whole ending of the film…In one year of the life of a human being, you’re going to travel a certain distance down the road, but you’re not going to have that tidy closure.”

The film was shown at the Chicago International Film Festival last fall.


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