New Art Exhibit Opens at Loyola


By Liza Kourdaev, Janelli Reynoso, Lisa McAuliffe

A new art exhibit titled “Under the Influence” opened last week at Loyola’s Ralph Arnold Gallery.

The exhibit explores the relationship between teachers and students.

Nazafarin Lotfi created “Vista” (pictured above). It  is an abstract piece of art made out of paper-mache, paint, and rocks. Lotfi was inspired by her students’ artwork in her Drawing I classes.

“Encouraging students to look around and find challenging angles to make drawings made me interested in creating a piece that was not immediately accessible from the front and invited viewers to walk around and look into the object,” she said.

Maze attemp iv negative attempts II.JPG
Daniel Hojnacki is the artist behind two selenium toned silver gelatin prints featured in the exhibit. He says he became inspired while teaching a darkroom photography course. 

“Through the continued act of teaching the ‘photogram’ technique, my students would have amazing results in the density of the image and tonality,” he said. “I began noticing and becoming inspired by these patterns in the workshops and began revisting this basic fundamental technique in my own work.”Maze Attempt IV” was created using “simple yet complex, varying ‘camera-less’ process of the photogram.”

The exhibit is open to the public through March 23rd.

The Ralph Arnold Gallery  is located at 1131 W Sheridan Road.

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