Dolly Parton Makes Edgewater Home


By Mia Mancini

Broadway Ave. gains new pop-art of Dolly Parton that showcases Edgewater’s creativity.

According to Edgeville Buzz, the piece is located outside The Lytle House, an event space, at 5517 N Broadway. The artist, Michelle Lytle, made the decision after the metal wall outside her business was tagged with gang graffiti for the second time. Power washing the graffiti off ruined the business’ fun personality.

Lytle and her wife decided on Dolly Parton because she is an important female icon who came from nothing. It took Lytle 10 hours to trace and paint the outline of a young Dolly Parton onto a blank canvas.

“It is the perfect type of artwork because some will not get it and may not like it,” Lytle said. “But it’s those people who immediately know who it is, they are the ones who are going to really love it.

The image gives Edgewater artwork that embodies country music, talent and hard work. With graffiti being a constant problem in Chicago, Lytle is prepared to update the wall with more iconic women.

Lytle hopes the piece will last a long time because of the opportunity and happiness it brings to her neighbors.


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