Pub 626 Reopens on Monday Nights


By: Lindsay Nolden, Daniel Barger, Khrystyna Stetsiv, Cheyanne Williams, Ben Bissell

Pub 626, a bar-restaurant located at 1406 W Morse Ave., has just announced that they are re-opening on Monday nights.

Pub 626, established in April 2014, closes on Mondays during the winter months.

Owner Colm Treacy said he does so to give his staff a well-deserved break, and because business is slow during winter.

Born and raised in Ireland, Treacy moved to the United States 35 years ago and earned a degree in culinary arts. He has owned many restaurants in Chicago.

He say, Rogers Park is the most challenging location for due to safety concerns.

In the past year, however, he’s noticed that more police officers are  patrolling the streets.

Treacy describes the customers of Pub 626 as a “very mixed neighborhood crowd.”

“Gay, straight, grandparents, and during brunch even children – everybody comes here,” says Treacy.


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