Illinois Senate Votes on Gun Laws Today in Springfield


By Lisa McAuliffe

Last weekend in Chicago, four people were killed and twenty-two people were injured in crimes involving gun violence.

Last year, there were 650 gun-related homicides  in Chicago.

Illinois State House Speaker Mike Madigan, and like-minded lawmakers in the Illinois Senate Committee, are trying to do something about it today in Springfield.

This afternoon, they are voting on passing two bills:

  • one would require the licensing of gun shops and another
  • the second would allow family members or law enforcement to take away weapons from someone deemed a danger to themselves or others

Mike Madigan’s spokesman,Steve Brown, feels the passage of such bills are long overdue. Over the phone, he said:

“Madigan has always spoken about how he has a negative view on guns and gun violence. Gun violence in Chicago is awful, and ruins the lives of families and people. Madigan has tried to take some commonsense steps to prevent gun violence, such as trying to have guns be less accessible to people who shouldn’t have access to guns. In some ways, these steps have been successful, and in other ways they have not. The Illinois senate committee is trying to take action and will be present bills on Tuesday in Springfield, Illinois. Because of the recent Florida shooting, hopefully people will see there needs to be change for gun laws. Time will tell if it will be successful.”

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