Big Changes for Rogers Park’s Lifeline Theatre


By Mia Mancini

The Lifeline Theatre in Rogers Park is preparing to say goodbye to artistic director Dorothy Milne.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Dorothy Milne, 60, has tired tired of spending her days behind a desk. She announced that she’s leaving the theatre with 19 years on the job.

She won’t call it a retirement. The Lifeline ensemble can expect her to stay involved as an active member.

The Lifeline Theatre has been a cultural anchor of Rogers Park for 35 years. It is the only company is the area that offers original theater for children. Milne has dedicated herself to establishing the KidSeries, including performances of “Arnie The Doughnut” and “You Think It’s Easy Being The Tooth Fairy?”

Milne  produced 116 shows at Lifeline and directed 22 of them. With Milne’s influence, the dramatic adaptation of literary works became the theater’s specialty.

The theatre continues to draw crowds and support the neighborhood’s cultural district. The small company brings in about $1 million in annual revenue. A Lifeline spokesman said the theater is actively searching for Milne’s replacement. Those looking for a show can currently see new version of Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”.


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